Visit us on the First Friday Art Walk June 3 from 5 to 8pm
Oregon Based Artist

Leif Trygg

Featured New Work:

The Ballerina

Beautiful artistic expression, incredible athleticism and intense human passion all combine to make ballet a mesmerizing experience for the observer. This series of drawings in graphite on toned paper aims to capture the passion and energy of the ballerina.

Notes From the Studio

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We're Back!

Oak Leaf Studio has reopened in Ashland. Public hours are:
Friday to Sunday from 11am to 3pm, First Fridays from 5 to 8pm, or by appointment.
Join us for First Friday on June 3rd to see
Leif Trygg's newest artwork "The Ballerina" series, and preview his new directions in acrylic painting. Leif's work can also be
seen on Saturday May 14th at the annual
Art With a View event at Ashland's Gambrel Gallery.


Dancer 1

Dancer 1

Dancer 6

Dancer 2

Dancer 5

Dancer 3

Dancer 4

Dancer 4

Dancer 3

Dancer 5

Dancer 7.jpg

Dancer 6

Dancer 2

Dancer 7

Appreciating the Figure Sketch

After years of paintings mostly landscapes, I felt that my

art was getting too predictable and lacking in drama, it needed more life. I began working from live models with

the eventual goal of incorporating people into my work.

The human body is a marvel of design and grace. For

the artist it's both a challenge and a pleasure to render

the figure. Thoughtful observation is needed to accurately capture the model's poses especially from unique angles, The following original sketches were created in charcoal

on toned paper.

Figure 14.jpg
Figure 1
Figure 16.jpg
Figure 3
Seated figure.jpg
Figure 2
Figure 3.jpg
Figure 4


What is cooler than a cat? I love cats and enjoy drawing them. These sketches are in charcoal.

Cat 1.jpg

Ready to Pounce

Cat 2.jpg

On the Prowl

Cat 3.jpg

Taking a Break