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Leif Trygg

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watercolor, 24 x 30cm


$500 original

$75 Giclee print on watercolor paper 

Figuratively Speaking

Continuing explorations into figurative art. Focusing on gestures and attitude this time with watercolor as the medium..

Ballet to Hip Hop

Beautiful artistic expression, incredible athleticism and intense human passion all combine

to make ballet a mesmerizing experience. I found Hip Hop and other types of dance to have similarities to ballet's passionate movements and gestures. This series of drawings aims to capture the dancer's movement and passion in pastel and charcoal on Strathmore 400 Series toned drawing paper


Dancer 1

Ballerina I

Dancer 5

Ballerina III

Dancer 6

Ballerina II

Dancer 3

Ballerina IV

Dancer 4

Ballerina V


Dancer 7.jpg

Ballerina VI

Dancer 2
Ballerina 8.jpg
Ballerina VIII

Ballerina VII



Flamenco 1

Flamenco 2.jpg

Flamenco 2

Hip Hop

Hip Hop.jpg
Hip Hop 1
Hip Hop 3 copy.jpg

Hip Hop 3

Hip Hop 4 copy.jpg

Hip Hop 4

Hip Hop 2.jpg
Hip Hop 2

Hip Hop 5 sm.jpg

Hip Hop 5

Hip Hop 6



Heading 1