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Leif Trygg

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Ballet to Hip Hop in Charcoal

Beautiful artistic expression, incredible athleticism and intense human passion all combine to make ballet a mesmerizing experience for the observer. I found Hip Hop to have many similarities to Ballet including hand gesturing. This series of drawings in graphite on toned paper aims to capture the movement and passion of both the ballerina and the hip hop dancer.


Dancer 1

Ballerina I

Dancer 6

Ballerina II

Dancer 5

Ballerina III

Dancer 3

Ballerina IV

Dancer 4

Ballerina V

Dancer 7.jpg

Ballerina VI

Dancer 2
Ballerina 8.jpg
Ballerina VIII

Ballerina VII

Hip Hop

Hip Hop.jpg
Hip Hop 1
Hip Hop 2.jpg
Hip Hop 2
Hip Hop 3

For the Love of Cats

What is cooler than a cat? I love cats and enjoy drawing them. These sketches are in charcoal pencil on toned paper.

Cat 2.jpg

On the Prowl

Cat 1.jpg

Ready to Pounce

Cat 3.jpg

Taking a Break